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Hey Ma Trott, accompanies you on electric mountain scooter hikes to help you discover the Basque coast in a fun and original way.

Come discover the history of Hendaye and the most beautiful landscapes of Urrugne

We offer you different courses, all recognized in order to ensure your safety as well as ours.


Zosh scooters are equipped with a battery integrated into the scooter to move in complete freedom.

They are equipped with 20-inch Fat tires, guaranteeing them very good stability to tackle any type of terrain (sand, snow, mud, etc.).

Benefiting from two driving wheels, each of them has a 750 Watt motor.

For better comfort, our scooters also have front shock absorbers.

Headlight, horn and indicators complete this superb equipment for greater safety: yours and also ours.

New, E-scooter Rental

If you want to go independently, Hey Ma Trott offers rental of electric scooters, 5 scooters are available.

Go to the beach without having to worry about parking.

You will be able to travel many kilometers to discover our magnificent landscapes.

Go here Reservation platform, you will find all our services and available slots.

For long-term rental, do not hesitate to contact me, under certain conditions, I can drop off your electric scooter at your vacation spot.

Accueil: About
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Our History

Since we opened our doors in June 2021, in Urrugne on the Basque coast, Hey Ma Trott has been satisfying its customers thanks to its exceptional electric mountain scooter rides.

Our desire to achieve excellence has made us what we are today, and has allowed us to evolve, and we will continue to do so day after day, by offering new paths.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

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Our Hikes

All our hikes have been recognized.

We help our customers by providing them with everything they need to ensure optimum safety.

We provide caps to keep our helmets clean and chasubles including signage so that you can be seen in all circumstances.

Read on to discover our hikes.

Whatever hike you choose, you will receive a 3D video with music and photos to remember this beautiful day.

If you can't find what you need, don't hesitate to contact us.

This is one of our most popular services. The latter is essential for our customers and we guarantee its quality. With this service, things will be simple, practical and punctual. With Hey Ma Trott, you are in good hands. Live the adventure.

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All our clients must be able to benefit from the unparalleled professionalism of Hey Ma Trott. You don't know which ride to choose, we are also here to advise you and guide you in making your choice. All of our services, and this one in particular, have been designed to make your life easier and are adaptable for everyone. You can count on us to provide you with the best services, with quality customer service. We adapt to you, because each of you is unique.

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Our different hikes

To satisfy as many people as possible, several walks have been selected. We offer walks ranging from 1h15 to 3h. All these walks have been recognized in order to guarantee optimal safety.

Bucolic walk 1h15

Bucolic walk over 1h30

Majestic walk 2 hours

La Luzienne walk 2h30

Sports walk 3 hours

Occasional events will also be offered to you.


Customer Testimonials

Very nice experience, Emmanuel is a pleasant guide who explains the history of each place at the same time. The scooters are of excellent quality, stable and robust even on sand. A real change of scenery throughout the 2-hour ride (majestic ride). I recommend because it's a way to discover lots of places at the same time with breathtaking views and on any terrain (road, track, sand, land, etc.) A big thank you Emmanuel for this moment of happiness on board super trotter!

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25 km/ max


70 km

Two motors

750 watts


20 fat

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